Writing an engaging story and making each word count is something every author desires to do but it’s easy to get off track. Join me, Indie-Author, and Genre Jumper, Candice Coates, as I along with other authors and creative voices, unpack topics such as the intricacies of plot arcs, language, character description, and what it does and does not take to keep readers engaged with our stories from start to finish all without compromising our voice or original intent. Whether you’re an aspiring writer, seasoned author, or a treasured bibliophile, come join the conversation as we explore the art of storytelling, how to better convey our messages through text, as well as the ‘how’s’ and ‘why’s’ of the word-weaving practice.

Who, What, Where, When

WHO: This podcast/ and blog is a motivational project and journey for both readers and writers. For the writer who wants to create stronger and more concise stories. For the reader who wants to have a greater understanding of what storytelling requires, and what to consider when writing reviews and suggesting a body of work to others.

WHAT: A podcast of conversations with other creatives, from writers, to book cover designers, seasoned authors, and those striving to publish their first work on what they’ve learned along the way and advice they wish to share. All of that with a blog sharing articles as well as writing prompts and news within the writing world!

WHERE: You can catch the podcast here or on Spotify and the blog in our main menu.

WHEN: Catch a new episode of the podcast and blog on Mondays on a bi-weekly schedule!